Risotto Gran Maremma

A good and balanced first course. Suitable for all.






Grate Gran Maremma in a bowl. Add the black pepper and mix the two ingredients. Brown the bacon slices until they become crispy, in a very hot pan. Put the slices of bacon in a sheet of absorbent kitchen paper. In the same pan in which you browned the bacon, toast the rice for a couple of minutes. Simmer with a ladle of vegetable broth until reduced and cook adding broth as the risotto dries.
Add the just amount of salt. When the rice is cooked, add very cold Latte Maremma Butter cubes. Cold butter, in contrast to hot rice, will create a thermal shock that will favour the creaminess of the risotto. Add the Gran Maremma and pepper mixture and stir the risotto, mixing it quickly. Serve the Gran Maremma risotto decorating it with slices of crispy bacon.