Perle di Gran Maremma

An unusual and delicious aperitif!






Grate Gran Maremma in a bowl. Break the eggs and add only the egg whites to the grated Gran Maremma. Knead with your hands until the mixture is compact and homogeneous. With slightly wet hands, give shape to small balls made of the mixture. Heat the oil and when it is boiling add a few Perle di Gran Maremma at a time so as not to lower the temperature of the oil. Once Perle di Gran Maremma are crunchy and golden on the outside, drain them on absorbent paper for fried food. Serve Perle di Gran Maremma decorating them with a few leaves of thyme. Finally, serve them hot and dip them in a yoghurt sauce with thyme leaves, if you want. Perle di Gran Maremma are excellent for an unusual and tasty aperitif.